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Joanne B.
Satisfied Patient

I have been going to see Dr. Peck at least once a week with my mom since I was 6. I am 13 now. He has helped me tremendously with all of my sports injuries. Eventhough I dont have a specific problem that needs to be fixed, Dr. Peck always keeps me aligned! One thing that my family and I love about him is that whenever we get adjusted, he always educates us about what’s going on with our spine and what we can do to help stay aligned when we are at home. I highly recommend him to everyone!

Jennah Dieter D.C.
Satisfied Patient

I highly recommend Dr. Peck! He is the most kind, gentle and giving soul. I am a chiropractor myself and he has helped me tremendously. Minutes after stepping off his table some serious neurological issues resolved after his thorough evaluation and adjustment. I was having cervicogenic vertigo, migraines, neck pain, shortness of breath which all resolved and maintained improvement for days after the adjustment. I have seen many chiropractors in my life, but I choose Jim because he is the best. He will find the right technique for you that is gentle and effective for your particular needs. He also is one of the few in the area that have knowledge of the cranium and the spine. He is gentle and specific and knows that the power that made the body, heals the body. Thank you!

Lars Noreng
Satisfied Patient

Great Chiropractors! They were able to fix tennis elbow, knees and ankle and back pain. And they really helped our 17y old dachshund; Muckie.

Evan Hughes D.C.
Satisfied Patient

Dr. Jim and his daughter Dr. Audrey are gifted, hard working chiropractors. I’ve sent many people to them who all thank me!

Steve k.
Satisfied Patient

As a year round runner and golfer experiencing falls, stains I’ve relied on Drs. Peck attentive care and insightful suggestions, rapidly returning to form. They are readily approachable, attentively focusing on any ailment subject to chiropractic care. My immediate family are all members. 

Henry monterio
Satisfied Patient

Incredible! Dr. Peck and Dr. Audrey have been a tremendous help with injuries, aches, pains, and sores. Whenever anyone asks why I feel so good I always tell them go chiropractic!

Danielle M.
Satisfied Patient

Dr. Peck has literally changed my life! He is the most caring, adept and knowledgeable chiropractor around. I have lived with a stubborn and debilitating condition for years that only he was able to alleviate. He rejuvenated life into a numb bunion, saw me through a sciatic flare-up, assists me through painful period symptoms, and does work on my scalp and skull to relieve pressure from a head injury. Years ago I had nasal surgery and I still snore and have trouble breathing. Dr. Peck even has a fix for that, doing a quite painful, but extremely effective nasal adjustment that works wonders. The staff, his wife Christine, his daughter Audrey, and even Ethel their dog, treat us all like family. We are all thankful, my husband, 8 year-old son, and even our dog, to visit for adjustments that really help us live a healthy, happy life.

Carol Hicks DeMatos
Satisfied Patient

I cannot say enough about this amazing doctor. I was referred to Dr. Peck by a family member who has since moved out of state. I had a very bad experience in the past with a neck cracking adjustment, so I was hesitant to go to “yet another” chiropractor. Dr. Peck’s gentle method of adjustment was so effective that I am now a “believer”. I have such faith in Dr. Peck that I am now bringing my 12 year old granddaughter to him. And, his office staff is amazing! His wife Christine makes you feel like family, and Jessica is a sweetheart.

Trice Mahony Cave
Satisfied Patient

I love their passion and philosophy. The Peck family has made a wonderful community of their patients. It’s always a pleasant uplifting experience every visit. I look forward to every adjustment! I highly recommend the Peck’s ( Jim or Audrey ) 

Faith hicks
Satisfied Patient

Ethel is indeed a wonderful greeter. Being a  lover of dogs it is a great way to come in to the office. (I was not always a lover of dogs). When I got married (many years ago) I was terrified of dogs. My husband thought if we owned one it would help. I was not afraid of our German Shepherd, but other dogs were another story. I am so happy I got over that fear. 

Dr. Peck’s methods were new and mysteries to me, but they have worked miracles on my body and I am very grateful. 

luis c.
Satisfied Patient

Dr. Peck & Dr. Audrey are awesome! They keep me well adjusted & tuned up when I have problems. Thanks a bunch!!